Controls Engineer Robotics


The Robotics controls engineer is responsible for several domains, including electrical and functional, with the focus on accomplishment of full projects with customers.The controls engineer is part of the Engineering Department of stow Robotics

Spiere, Belgium

What do we expect from you?

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • After the Kick off of a project (transfer from sales to project), you work out a concept in detail.

  • You write a functional description & user manual of how the installation should work.

  • Together with a draughtsman you create and check electrical diagrams

  • Together with a draughtsman you make layouts that make the placement of the electrical components clear & create the BOM of the concept.

  • You make sure that all components are ordered in time, or arrive at the site. You provide the purchase department the necessary input by comparing prices and technical solutions.

  • At site you check together with the electrician if everything is connected correctly (I/O test)

  • Attends technical meetings, site inspections and on-site work if needed.

  • Assists internal stakeholders on technical issues before and during execution to ensure proper implementation of the technical solution.

  • He/she is Ambassador of the company towards all stakeholders.

  • Responsible for sourcing external vendors for material, installations etc. according to the project budget.

  • Responsible for the onsite realization, both pre-phase and the realization phase.

  • Responsible for the project’s cost, budget, and calculations during the realization phase and to report any deviations.

  • Responsible for complying with local laws and guidelines in context with the realization of the project.

  • You supervise the software tests together with the commissioning engineer, where needed you propose solutions to problems that may occur.

  • You Create test procedures together with the commissioning engineer

  • You give practical training at the customer

  • You provide standby assistance after delivery to help customers on their way

  • Together with the site manager, you resolve aftercare issues.

Verification & Approval

  • Consults with the Functional Manager to get conceptual approval of the technical solutions.

  • Ensures all the documents go through the correct approval flow according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Verifies the technical documents for which he/she is authorized, based on technical competences according to competence management.

Administration & Other

  • Ensures the project information and documentation are properly stored according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Registers his/her own working hours.

  • Frequently registers the project costs.

Training & Development

  • Shares technical knowledge with engineering team members.

  • Participates in training.

  • Maintains and improves relevant technical knowledge and skills.

Wanted experience

one to three years of experience

What do we offer you?

An attractive salary based in an international environment.