at stow

stow’s engineering team has developed considerable know-how and international experience in a broad spectrum of construction, mechanical and electrical engineering. This in-house expertise makes sure that our storage solutions are both cutting-edge and cost effective.

Adding value
for stow and our clients

That’s what you do when you work as an engineer for our organization. As a stow employee, you offer customers in over 40 countries the best storage solution. You translate client requests into designs which are both technically advanced and sustainable.

We are always one step ahead thanks to our own state-of-the-art engineering software. Working at stow is opting for a company that excels as an international market leader and is well-known for its unstoppable craving for innovation.

Engineering roles

It takes a team of many experts, from all types of backgrounds, to keep stow pushing forward.
Which team do you want to be part of?

Project Engineering

Project engineering refers to the management of engineering and technical projects – from management of teams and staff to budget and schedule – all to deliver a successful project outcome.

Product Engineering

A product engineer is a mechanical engineering professional who designs products and coordinates the manufacturing process for those products.

Structural Engineering

The structural engineers focus on the physical integrity and design of projects such as racks and clad buildings. It is their job to make sure the physical structure maintain integrity and are able to handle the loads and forces they encounter.

Project Management

The experience and skills of our project managers ensure the ultimate success for our customers. They’ll manage all sub-contractors and monitor the progress of the entire project so that it is completed on time and within budgetary guidelines.

Order processing

You manage the entire order execution process including manpower, consumable parts, contract inventory, service order execution, service goods delivery and general service management.


Our R&D-department in Belgium counts about 100 specialized engineers that are active in various fields such as mechanics, electronics, software and mechatronics. We have an extensive test room and test rigs, allowing our engineers to follow up the entire process of their design in practice.

Engineering jobs

We have opportunities for junior and senior engineering profiles with a background in construction, mechanics and electronics.