Project Engineer


The Project Engineer determines the technical solution, provides, or produces all required technical drawings, calculations, documentation and gives technical advice in an efficient and qualitative manner to demonstrate the technical feasibility of an operation or to support the design of equipment, in accordance with the company’s QSHE standards within the proposed time frame.

Wiesbaden-Erbenheim or Völklingen, Germany

What do we expect from you?

Engineering / Realization

  • He/she is technical SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for the projects assigned to him/her.

  • Studies and analyses all technical documentation provided by internal/external stakeholders.

  • Looks for missing information, reports issues to stakeholders and makes appropriate assumptions, to find the best possible technical solution.

  • After official approval on the proposed solution from the Functional Manager, he/she consults equipment documentation to assign the proper equipment.

  • Produces all required technical documentation and calculations to illustrate and justify the technical solution to stakeholders and defines the required engineering resources to do so.

  • Instructs and follows up the engineering team members appointed to his/her project to produce the technical documents.

  • Liaises with other engineering team members to improve the quality, efficiency, and correctness of the technical documents.

  • Attends technical meetings, site inspections and on-site work if needed.

  • Assists internal stakeholders on technical issues before and during execution to ensure proper implementation of the technical solution.

  • He/she is Ambassador of the company towards all stakeholders.

  • Responsible for sourcing external vendors for material, installations etc. according to the project budget.

  • Responsible for the onsite realization, both pre-phase and the realization phase.

  • Responsible for the project’s cost, budget, and calculations during the realization phase and to report any deviations.

  • Responsible for complying with local laws and guidelines in context with the realization of the project.

Verification & Approval

  • Consults with the Functional Manager to get conceptual approval of the technical solutions.

  • Ensures all tedocuments go through the correct approval flow according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Verifies the technical documents for which he/she is authorized, based on technical competences according to competence management.

Administration & Other

  • Ensures the project information and documentation are properly stored according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Registers his/her own working hours.

  • Frequently registers the project costs.

Training & Development

  • Shares technical knowledge with engineering team members.

  • Participates in training.

  • Maintains and improves relevant technical knowledge and skills.

Wanted experience

three to five years of experience

What do we offer you?

An attractive salary based in an international environment