Simulation Expert Robotics


The Robotics Simulation Expert creates for complex installations a simulation to assure that the requested requirements from the customer in specific test scenarios can be met. The Simulation Expert is part of the Solution Architect Team which support Project Engineering & Controls Engineering.

Spiere, Belgium

What do we expect from you?

Your tasks & responsibilities

  • Works as a commercial, technical, and administrative person for the Engineering Department.

  • Supports our sales & project engineers with simulations of the proposed solutions.

  • Is responsible to gather the required information from the customer in co-operation with the responsible Sales.

  • Analyses the customer data to gather Batch sizes, Define depth of channel

  • Create Test Scenario’s for simulation of maximum throughput, but also test scenario’s to be used as installation acceptance criteria

  • Provide solutions for bottlenecks

  • Make a proper Simulation rapport to accompany the Sales Offering

  • When necessary, accompanies the Sales to the customer’s meetings and checks the simulation together with the Responsible Sales Director & Project Engineer.

  • Optimizes the already existing processes

  • Responsible for a proper support towards the project team and responsible to create the functional description & acceptance test protocel once the project is in realization.

Verification & approval

  • Consults with the Functional Manager to get conceptual approval of the technical solutions.

  • Ensures all the documents go through the correct approval flow according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Verifies the technical documents for which he/she is authorized, based on technical competences according to competence management.

Administration & other

  • Ensures the project information and documentation are properly stored according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Registers his/her own working hours.

  • Frequently registers the project costs.

Training & development

  • Shares technical knowledge with engineering team members.

  • Participates in training.

  • Maintains and improves relevant technical knowledge and skills.

Your profile

  • You already worked in an international environment

  • You have a Bachelor or Master degree

  • You have a technical background

  • You have at least 5 years of experience

  • You are communicative and hands-on

Wanted experience

one to three years of experience

What do we offer you?

  • An intensive training by experienced people

  • You will work closely together with other rack stars in an open and enthusiastic environment

  • An attractive salary in an international environment