Sales Manager


Responsible for sales & marketing in line with Group strategy and policies. Responsible to achieve the set targets according to the sales & marketing plan, optimize business results and secure future revenues in the country/region.

Spiere, Belgium

What do we expect from you?

Strategy & Country/BU/HUB/Objectives

  • Understands, applies and conveys the stow Group mission and vision in order for the organization to adhere to expectations and values prioritized by the board, the CEO and the HQ management team.

  • Develops a clear strategy of what needs to be accomplished in the medium and short term, based upon understanding of the external and competitive environment and the company's strengths.

Business Results

  • Produces regular and accurate reports in accordance with Group standards in order to keep  the management informed on the country/region performance, using this information to manage and improve country/regional business results.

Sales & Business Development

  • Responsible for producing, communicating, following-up and monitoring of an actionable, annual sales & marketing plan to realize the set targets, in addition to preparing and reviewing on regular basis a mid- and short term plan.

  • Brings forward new initiatives for continuous improvement, growing and securing revenue, e.g. proposes fleet expansion based on market needs.

  • Responds proactively to opportunities, inquiries and leads from the market. Also generates leads with direct customers and/or integrators

  • Search for sales opportunities by both hunting and farming.

  • Makes special efforts to fill gaps in production planning.

  • Market & Sales positioning; in-depth knowledge of both stow products and its possibilities,  the clients current infrastructure and future needs, in order to be/become the client’s most trusted advisor on stow’ services. Has a good understanding of the intralogistics market or is willing to learn about it.

Market Data Analysis

  • Collects, structures and interprets all available and relevant country/regional market data, analyses the clients’ needs and demands to optimize existing products and services

  • Follows, investigates and pro-actively addresses country/regional market dynamics, developments and trends.

Relationship Management

  • Maintaining relationships with existing customers as well as further developing and expanding the stow Robotics’ customer base.

  • Building a strong network to promote stow Robotics.

  • Participate in conducting customer satisfaction survey in line with Groups standards.

Sales Management Activities

  • Implements and communicates the Group Sales guidelines in country/region consisting of:

    1. Market segmentation

    2. Client identification

    3. Call & Visit Reports

    4. Pipeline and quotation management

    5. Price list

  • Develops and executes a professional sales plan to reach the topline objectives. Works closely together with the colleagues in back office (Engineering and offer making)

  • Understands the storage needs of customers and advises them on a automated storage solution

  • Follows up active quotes and close the deals


Marketing & Communication

  • Detects marketing & communication needs and provides Group Marketing Director with input on local country/regional needs.

  • Refers to Group Marketing Director for any local country/regional marketing & communication actions.

  • Provides systematically information on projects won and other noteworthy country/regional achievements to Group Marketing Director

Product Development

  • Supports, using the collected market data, the development of new products, approaches and services in order to cover all segments and create a competitive advantage.

Contract Management

  • Ensuring that all Sales contracts in accordance with Sales Authorization Chart are reviewed for feasibility, prices, timelines, liabilities, risks, legal compliance, etc. in collaboration with e.g. Operations, Engineering, Legal.  

Sales Hand-Over

  • Ensures that the quotes/orders, including all necessary information, are transferred to the Operations Manager in a timely manner for further action

  • Ensures appropriate after-sales services to customers of direct responsibility.

Sales Invoicing

  • Ensures that a complete, correct and timely invoicing and provisioning can be executed for the projects and/or team.

  • Closely liaises with Finance/Accounts Receivable for the projects with regard to validating of invoices, settlement of deductions, prompt payment realizations, collections, this in compliance with the Group Credit Management Procedure.

Wanted experience

three to five years of experience

What do we offer you?

An attractive salary based in an international environment