Draftsman Electrical


The Draftsman EL improves the efficiency and quality of draft work through training and development of CAD tools and drafting standards.

He/she produces drawings in an efficient and qualitative manner to demonstrate the technical feasibility of a project or to support the design within the proposed time frame. Final, As built Electrical Drawings of Customer Projects is also part of the Job

Spiere, Belgium

What do we expect from you?

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Studies and analyses drawings and/or other relevant information provided by internal stakeholders.

  • Reports missing information, issues and/or proposes other possible solutions to the internal stakeholder, to efficiently produce drawings.

  • Checks equipment documentation and measures equipment if required, to ensure the correct use and optimized configuration of the assigned equipment.

  • Produces concept, project and equipment drawings using CAD software while following the company’s drawing standards.

  • Improves the company Drawing standards

  • Maintains the Eplan Library to optimize generation of projects in the future

  • Converts Project Requirements into proper project drawings.

  • Creates an automated way to generate parts of the project drawings which are repetitive

  • Optimizes the content of the drawings with information of electrical components, for example dip-switch settings, screenshots of configurations, …

  • Liaises with other engineering team members to improve the quality, efficiency, and correctness of the drawings.

  • Follows the Customer Electrical cabinets in our Production to assure that the cabinets meet the highest standards and are delivered on time

  • Provides the Controls Engineer with feedback with regards to new components, or changes within the drawings.

Administration & Other

  • Ensures the project information and drawings are properly stored according to the engineering guidelines.

  • Follows the correct approval flow according to the engineering guidelines.

Training & Development

  • Shares technical knowledge with the engineering team members.

  • Organizes and gives training.

  • Participates in training.

  • Participates in the development of CAD software.

  • Maintains and improves relevant technical knowledge and skills.

Wanted experience

one to three years of experience

What do we offer you?

An attractive salary based in an international environment