Welding Coordinator


The Welding Coordinator is responsible for all welding technical activities. He/she is involved in final checks and how to improve their quality.

Spiere, Belgium

What do we expect from you?

Raw Materials


▪      Tests values of certificates from suppliers (EN 10002-1) (MAN-QUA-099 / 105).

▪      Reports the tensile test.

▪      Creates a nonconformity report if values NOK (FRM-QUA-004).

Welding consumables:

▪      Quality check and certificates.

▪      Storage and handling (MAN-QUA-120 & MAN-QUA-125).


▪    Quality checks.

▪    Equipment maintenance.

▪    Calibrates welding material, does the necessary measuring, inspection and testing of equipment.

Internal Welding Process

Inspects and tests before welding:

▪  Coaches welders and welding operators. A 6 monthly check and certification, (EN 9606/1 – EN ISO 14732).

▪   Drafts welding specification (ISO 5817-C).

▪   Checks production drawings.

Inspects and tests during welding:

▪   Essential welding parameters of the weld scanner.

▪   Visual inspection (MAN-QUA 022 / 115).

▪   Correct use and handling of welding consumables.

Inspects and tests after welding:

▪   Visual inspection of the weld (MAN-QUA 022 / 115).

▪   Destructive testing (MAN-QUA 106).

▪   Reports correct actions of the weld.

▪   Internal audits of welders and the welding process.

Subcontracting Welding Process

▪    Audits of Belgian subcontracted welders.

▪    Audits of International welders.

Other Responsibilities

▪    The Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) is responsible for all the items within EN 1090-01/02 and EN ISO 3834-2.

▪    The RWC is also responsible for the welding handbook of the company. Modifications are only done by RWC.

▪    He/she is authorized to stop the process or to order corrective actions to guarantee the welding process.

6.      Technical Knowledge

▪    General technical knowledge.

▪    Specializes in the technical knowledge of welding and allied processes (RWC-B, IWS or IWT).

Wanted experience

one to three years of experience

What do we offer you?

An attractive salary based in an international environment.